New discovery of Famennian (Late Devonian) Conodonts
in ng Kh area, Cao Bng Province

NguyÔn ThÞ Hång Nhung

Nine conodont species and forms of the Palmatolepis, Hindeodella, Hibbardella, Polygnathus, and Icriodus genera have been discovered from limestone at Ngn Kim pass, 6 km northwest of ng Kh Townlet, Cao Bng Province. Among them Palmatolepis triangularis, Pa. delicatula, Pa. clarki belonging to the triangularis Zone, are the most important and characterize the lowermost level of Famennian, Upper Devonian. This conodont discovery affirms the presence of the Upper Devonian in the ng Kh area, Cao Bng Province.