Geology and potential of mineral resources in the littoral area of the Sóc Trăng Province

Vũ Trường Sơn, Văn Trọng Bộ, Nguyễn Quốc Huy, Trịnh Thanh Minh, Phạm Thị Nga, Trịnh Nguyên Tính, Lê Anh Thắng, Trần Trọng Thịnh, Lê Tơn, Văn Đức Nam,  Trần Nghi,    Vũ Văn Phái, Nguyễn Biểu, Nguyễn Đức Thắng

After 4 executing years of the project of investigation and assessment of mineral resource potential in littoral areas of the Sóc Trăng Province 15 maps at 1:100.000 scale and the final report were established. The project outcomes will serve the planning and socio-economic development in this province and adjacent areas. Especially, results of the project will also contribute in the orientation of contruction material exploitation, serving socio-economic demands of the Cu Long River delta and export in the future.

Successes of the project consist of:

- To clarify the construction material potential (sand, grit and gravel, filling sand), ilmenite and zircon placers and other sea bed minerals in the littoral areas of Sóc Trăng; derterming the distribution of contruction materials and filling materials with the potential of 13,9 million m3 that can be exploited to meet domestic and foreign demands;

- To clarify the geological structure, current status of environmental geology and geohazards in littoral areas of Sóc Trăng Province;

- To suggest solutions of rationnal use of resources and environmental protection for sustainable development in the study area.

This article summarily presents the characteristics of geology and mineral resources in the littoral areas of Sóc Trăng Province.


Người biên tập: TS. Mai Trọng Tú