Evaluating the prospect of construction materials on the sea floor of Vietnamese sea (0-100 m of bathymetry) and orientation of sustainable exploitation

Vũ Trường Sơn, Hoàng Anh Khiển, Trịnh Nguyên Tính,
Đỗ Tử Chung, Lê Anh Thắng, Văn Đức Nam

 Currently, the demand for construction materials is rapidly growing to serve economic development, especially the demand of filling sand for coastal construction  (such as industrial areas, ports, sea dikes. ..). Grasping the situation, from 1991 to present, the Marine Geology and Mineral Centre has been ivestigating and evaluating the prospect of marine aggregate  in the Việt Nam sea (0-100 m of bathymetry). Results of project carried out by MGMC indicate that Việt Nam sea has prospect of  marine aggregate (sand, gravel…), especially filling sand. Nowaday, Vietnamese aggregate is exploited mostly from river with limited reserve and has caused bad consequence, especially river bank erosion and  environmental pollution. In next time, mainland aggregate is not enough to serve economic development needs. So, the Government would like to have suitable strategy and policy to exploit effectively this resource to develop sustainably the marine economy.

Người biên tập: TSKH. Nguyễn Biểu