Evaluating the placer prospect in the Vietnamese sea-floor (0-100 m of bathymetry)
and orientation of investigation and exploitation

Vũ Trường Sơn, Hoàng Anh Khiển, Trịnh Nguyên Tính, Đỗ Tử Chung,

Lê Anh Thắng, Văn Trọng Bộ,Văn Đức Nam

The investigation of marine placer in Việt Nam has been carried out by the Marine Geology and Mineral Resource Centre (MGMC) over the past 20 years. Results of these investigations have been allowing us to delineate potential areas of seabed placer deposits with large reserves and economic value. However, due to special conditions exploited operators should not affect the marine environment and need to exploite these resources in a sustainable orientation and friendly with the environment.


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