Problem of climate change at the present time

Nguyễn Đức Tâm

More than 30 years ago (1977-1979), on the basis of the discovery of a  very large coastal erosion developed on  nearly the whole length of the sea shore of Việt Nam, the author of this paper recognized that current sea level rise is just caused by ice melting in the poles and high mountains, and considered this phenomenon as an idication of a new cycle of climate change, but not an ordinary fluctuation of sea level. The author has exchanged this idea in papers and discussed with Vietnamese and international scientists. A special notice of the author is that the current climate change is mainly due to a climate cycle, possibly  caused by the oscillation of the axis of the earth, which leads to the changing of  relative position of the sun and earth - the sun somewhat moved closer to the poles of the earth and this change causes the warming in polar zones, and by this reason ice melts, and a new deglaciation begins. This phenomenon may be the main reason of the glacial-interglacial cycles in the past, as proposed by Serbian scientist Melankovic [10]. On the other hand, the warming process may ignite the abstraction of methane from the sea bottom to increase the volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This phenomenon might begin 3-4 centuries ago and now the speed is increasing. And this process can stop after  3-4 centuries, and it will be a  new glacial cycle with the lowering of the sea level and regression. Naturally, the world industry has thrown greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, but it might have  a very small contribution to the global warming. Obviously, it is necessary to continue to study in order to determine the exact main reason of climate change and global warming and to find efficient and economic measures to cope with the situation.

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