On the sources of ferrous mineral water newly discovered at Khánh Ḥa

Vũ Ngọc Trân

Some sources of groundwater having iron content conforming to the standard regulations for iron water or ferruginous mineral water quality ([Fe+2+Fe+3] >10 mg/l) were found in the mountainous Khánh Sơn and Khánh Vĩnh Districts, Khánh Ḥa Province by the Central Việt Nam Division of Water Resource Planning and Investigation (CEVIWRPI) during the process of a Project of Research on environmental geology. Iron water is a mineral water type useful for medical treatment use, so the above sources would be investigated in details in coming time and used as soon as possible in order to contribute in implementing the National Plan of Action for Nutrition to prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Người biên tập: TS. Vơ Công Nghiệp