Discoveries of floral and faunal fossils in the Na Dương Basin, Lạng Sơn Province

Madelaine Bohem, Lương Hồng Hược, La Thế Phc ,
Đỗ Đức Quang , Trương Quang Qu

Formerly, in the Tertiary Na Dương pull-apart basin, Vietnamese geologists found many fossils of flora (leaf imprints and spores and pollens), mollusks and vertebrates. Recently, during the geological field survey in 2008 and 2009, scientists of the Ludwig-Maximillians University at Munich, Federal Republic of Germany and Vietnamese geologists of H Nội Geological Museum have been discovering many remains of crocodile, turtle, fish and mammals. This article is aiming to synthesize geological and paleontological discoveries in the Na Dương Tertiary Basin and set forth their significance.

    Người bin tập: GS.TSKH Vũ Khc