Geological characteristics of Holocene terraces in the Khánh Ḥa- Ninh Thuận coastal zone

Nguyễn Đ́nh Đàn, Trịnh Thế Hiếu, Trần Văn B́nh,

                                             Phạm Bá Trung, Tôn Nữ Mỹ Dư


Along the coast extending from Khánh Ḥa to Ninh Thuận there are many markers of activities during the Quaternary. In many places marine terraces are exposed, with hard sedimentary rocks recording the marks of ancient shoreline of Holocene age.

This paper presents the characteristics of topography, petrography and chemical composition of sediments in these terraces, that show the formation of marine terraces related to the dynamic process of shallow sea.

The age of these marine terraces was determined as 5,150 ± 150 year BP, corresponding to the Flandrian marine transgression with the maximum in the Middle Holocene.


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