Characteristics of geohazards along the Đ River from Ha Bnh to Việt Tr related to neotectonic activities

Nguyễn Xun Nam, Hạ Văn Hải, Hạ Quang Hưng

During recent years, many events of geological hazards have been occurring in the area extending from Ha Bnh to Việt Tr, such as: river bank scouring, cracking repeated in some places on the dyke, ground cracking and subsidence of land. The causes of these phenomena have not been found, therefore there havent got an appropriate remedy. On the basis of new research results, the authors touch upon endogenous geohazards (cracking, land subsidence, landslide, earthquake), exogenous geohazards (washing) in some places, such as ng Tượng Hill (Ha Bnh Town), Phong Vn Commune (Ba V District), Tn Đức, Minh Đạo Communes (Việt Tr Town), to explain the relationship of these phenomena with the meridional fault activities.

Người bin tập: GS. TSKH Đặng Văn Bt