Orientation of planning for rational use of natural resources and environment in the Hải Pḥng - Quảng Ninh coastal zone toward sustainable development

Trần Đăng Quy, Nguyễn Thị Ngọc, Mai Trọng Nhuận, Đào Mạnh Tiến

With 763 km of coastline and over 2,300 islands, the Hải Pḥng - Quảng Ninh coastal zone possesses high biodiversity, a treasure of natural resources including biological resource, coastal wetland, minerals (coal, Ti placers, sands, clays…), tourism resource (World Heritage Hạ Long Bay, Bái Tử Long Bay, Lan Hạ Bay; sandy and sunny beaches along coast and numerous islands) and others. In the area, there are 13 wetland types, such as bays, estuarine waters, non-vegetable tidal flat and mangrove forest etc... It plays an important role in economic development and environmental protection. The area also suffers frequently from geohazards such as coastal erosion, channel bed change, landslides, salt intrusion, flooding, … Due to over exploitation and irrational use, the natural resources and environment degradation in this coastal zone have been occurring and reducing benefit from coastal wetlands and biotic resources. Sea water in some places is polluted by oil, Cd, Hg, Pb, Zn and Mn. The bottom sediments have been contaminated by PCBs and have high content of As and organochlorine pesticides. Based on the above mentioned characteristics, the rational use of Hải Pḥng - Quảng Ninh coastal zone natural resources and environment is planned for sustainable development of marine economy (aquaculture, tourism and harbors; mineral exploitation; enlargement of industrial zones and urban area…), environment protection, biodiversity conservation, hazard mitigation and marine safety.

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