Characteristics of quartz sand in the Phong Đin area, Tha Thiên Huế Province and technical solution to raise its use value

                                                                     Nguyễn Tiến Phương, Nguyễn Tiến Dũng.

Thừa Thiên Huế is one of coastal provinces of Việt Nam that have great potential of quartz sand which is formed in marine deposits and quite concentratively distributed in the Phong Điền area. Although quartz sand receives a lot of attention from investors, there are limitations in studying and assessing its quality, exploitation possibility and especially processing technique to increase its use value in industries. Based on the results of studies and reference documents, this article provides information about geological characteristics and quality of quartz sand in the Phong Điền area, and proposes processing technique for increasing the quality of quartz sand, giving it a stable high quality material for industries. The study results can be used as guidelines for exploration, exploitation and processing of quartz sand to raise its use value, meeting the demand of high quality quartz sand for domestic industries and export.


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