First results of study on the capacity of using weathered basalts from L Sơn
and Cồn Cỏ Islands in the production of materials of heavy metal adsorption
for waste water treatment

Nguyễn Trung Minh, Don Đnh Hng

In this article, the authors present some results of study on environmental geochemistry and the capability of using weathered basalts from the Cồn Cỏ and L Sơn Islands, serving the sustainable development of sea and islands in Việt Nam. These islands are just Cenozoic volcanoes. The capability of cation exchange of weathered basalts from these two islands is much higher than those in other areas, making us to infer about their capability of heavy metal adsorption that makes them to have the capability of being used as raw materials in the treatment of heavy metal contamination of waste-water, serving the answer of a urgent requirement at the present time.

Người bin tập: PGS.TS. Kiều Qu Nam.