Metallogenic formation types of lead-zinc mineralization in the Việt Bắc region

Đào Thái Bắc, Nguyễn Quang Luật

There are many lead-zinc deposits in the Việt Bắc region. They are distributed in sedimentary rocks of from Middle Cambrian to Late Triassic age. However, lead - zinc ores occur only in rocks of fixed composition and age; economic deposits are mainly in terrigenous-carbonate, carbonate-terrigenous interbedded with effusives of Early Devonian age. This article presents a new approach to the study on metallogenic formation types of lead-zinc mineralization by detailed evaluation of the role of different geological formations during the process of lead-zinc mineralization. Based on this, 3  metallogenic formation types are established in the Việt Bắc region. They are as follows:

1) TVQ+TMQ  metallogenic formation type; 

2) (TVQ+TMQ)+ (TTQ+TSQ) metallogenic formation type;

3) TVQ+TSQ metallogenic formation type.

Among these types, the two first are of important potential of lead-zinc ores that are pseudostratiform ore bodies. The last type has restricted potential of lead-zinc ores in the sudy area.

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