Raw materials and technology of the production of non-baked construction materials: Some preliminary results

Kiều Quý Nam, Nguyễn Ánh Dương

In the article, the authors give a brief introduction on the study results on basalt, volcanic ash as puzzolanic admixtures and present some results obtained by using these materials as mineral sources in the production of non-baked construction materials.

Traditional construction materials made by cement and agregates are of high cost, not suitable for poor countries, while those of the same quality, but with lower cost, can be obtained if pozzolanic admixtures are used.

The article presents a general introduction on scientific basis of a newly developed direction in non-baked construction material named as geopolymer and shows some practical results obtained in this field. The following conclusions are drawn:

1. Việt Nam has large potential of pozzolanic materials of following origins: a/ Natural source, such as from basic effusives (basalts and their tuffs), from acidic (rhyolite) or intermediate effusives (andesite), …; b/ Artificial source: rice husk ash, fly ash, ….

2. Non-concined construction materials can be developed, based on these raw mineral, material resources.

3. Geopolymer – new research and practical opportunities to develop in Vietnam


Người biên tập: Nguyễn Văn Cần.