The Bảo Đài - Yên Tử coal band, a high mineral potential

Hà Minh Thọ, Đào Như Chức, Nguyễn Phương

 The mineral exploration has been highly investigated for years by the Coal branch, but it has been only limited in the Phả Lại - Hòn Gai - Kế Bào coal band from depth of -300 m to the surface. Geological data about deep-seated coal seams in the Quảng Ninh Basin including the Bảo Đài - Yên Tử coal band have been touched upon only in some researches. Systematic study and analysis of the existence, number of seams, spatial distribution and quality of coal have not been done. Especially, the potential of coal resources and their spatial distribution have not been completely and fully estimated for either local or all the coal band.

By combining results of geological and geophysical works of previous phases with mining data from parts of outcropped coal and data from boreholes at the centre of the Bảo Đài - Yên Tử coal band, the general structure of this area is proven to be a synclinorium with a high potential in coal. Due to the limitations of research, no research has been completely and fully investigating the structural features and potential of coal resources (especially from the ±0 m level). Therefore, following works are needed to be done: clarify the geological structure, spatial distribution of coal based on the correlation of coal seams in the Bảo Đài - Yên Tử coal band; forecast mineral resources and prospect zoning in order to form the basis for planning the mineral exploration and exploitation in the Bảo Đài - Yên Tử coal band. These are not only meaningful for scientific purposes, but also for practical needs of coal industry in short and long terms.      

Người biên tập: Nguyễn Văn Lâm.