Potentiality and industrial value of facing stones in the Middle Trung Bộ region

Nguyễn Văn Lợi, Trần Văn Thinh

According to materials from survey and exploration works, facing stones in provinces of the Middle Trung Bộ region are of very large resources and good quality, having beautiful colour, such as red, pink, black and yellow. The exploitation and processing works of facing stones in Middle Trung Bộ are rather developed in comparing to other regions of the country, because they have favourable conditions of infrastructure. However, the development level does not correspond to the potential of resources. The survey on facing stones in the region is mainly in the forecasting level, generally of survey and exploitation of erratic rocks; the investment for exploration and evaluation of bedrocks is still limited.

In the coming time, the survey, evaluation and exploration of facing stones in the region need to be invested suitably by different capital sources, with the attention for exploration of bedrocks, application of modern technology of mining and processing, and reform of administrative procedures for creating favourable conditions for the development of the industry of facing stones in the Middle Trung Bộ.

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