Geoheritage related to basalts in the Tây Nguyên Highland and conservation measures for sustainable development

La Thế Phúc, Trương Quang Quý, Đỗ Chí Kiên

Basalts occupy the major area of five provinces of the Tây Nguyên Highland. In these provinces, basaltic eruption created many interesting geological manifestations, such as volcanic craters, waterfall landscape, basalt of column form, mineral deposits, springs of mineral water, ... and especially, caves within basalts - a new discovery of interesting geological manifestation related to active eruptions of basalts in Việt Nam. Related to the weathering products of basalts, there are large reserves of bauxite deposits. Among interesting geological manifestations, the study area has many valuable heritages belonging to geomorphological and petrological types. This article presents geoheritages in the Tây Nguyên Highland related to volcanic activities.

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