Distribution laws and features of baryte mineralization in the northeast  of Cao Bằng Province

                                                                                 Nguyễn Công Thuận

The geological mapping and mineral survey at 1:50,000 scale of the Trùng Khánh and Lạng Sơn map sheet groups has been allowing us to recognized many manifestations of barite ores in the northeast of the Cao Bằng Province. In this area, baryte is of hydrothermal origin, lying within Paleozoic metamorphosed terrigenous sediments. Five baryte manifestations have been enregistered, such as: Cốc Càng - Nà Nác, Pò Tấu, Bản Giáp, Kim Loan and Nà Chích. The results of detailed survey on minerals show that in these mineral manifestations, baryte ores have quality and scale answering the industrial demands, and are of great prospect.

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