Characteristics of decorative stones recently discovered in the Suối Giàng area, Văn Chấn District, Yên Bái Province

Bùi Chí Tiến, Nguyễn Phú Vịnh,
Trần Ngọc Diễn, Nguyễn Văn Lâm

Recently discovered decorative stones from the Suối Giàng area, Văn Chấn District, Yên Bái Province consist of banded limestone of the Bản Cải Formation (D3 bc) and altered rocks of the Sin Quyền Formation (PP-MP sq). Banded limestone is exposed in two bands in the Suối Giàng and southeast of Khỉ Mt areas. It has parallelly banded structure, with violetish-brown and red-brown limestone bands interbedded with greenish-grey, pinkish-grey marl bands, sometimes there is pell-mell and ocellar structure. Altered rocks occur in the lenticular, lens chain form in the Suối Lóp and Suối Giàng Villages. They are from black-green, green to green-yellow coloured, of from massive to oriented structure. Preliminary results of study on colour, quality, recovery possibility and manufactured products have been allowing us to attribute these two rocks to the group of decorative stones. The locality of these stones has moderate climate, beautiful and interesting geological-topographical landscape, therefore, it is possible to combine the planning of exploitation and processing decorative stones with that of tourism, aiming to sustainably and effectively exploit this resource.


Người biên tập: ThS. Nguyễn Bá Minh.