Two genetic types of iron ores in the Làng Mỵ - Hưng Khánh - Tân An area,  
Yên Bái Province and their prospect

Bùi Chí Tiến, Phạm Thanh Bình

Iron ores in the Hưng Khánh - Làng Mỵ - Tân An area, Yên Bái Province were investigated by many thematic projects and detailedly prospected. However, published works touching upon the origin and position of these ores still have different viewpoints. Results of geological mapping and mineral survey at 1:50.000 scale of the Văn Chấn sheet group in 2008, combined with results of iron ore exploration have been confirming that there are two ore types, namely iron ores of metamorphic origin and of hydrothermal origin. The potential of iron ore in the Hưng Khánh - Làng Mỵ - Tân An area is very great. The government should have a plan of survey and exploration aiming to orientate the exploration, exploitation and rational use of iron ores, answering the demand of sustainable development of the ferrous metallurgy branch.


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