Characteristics of iron ores in Cao Bằng

Vũ Quang Lân, Nguyễn Văn Năng, Cao Xuân Điệp

On the territory of the Cao Bằng Province, iron ores are distributed in 2 areas: Hòa An, Cao Bằng City and Nguyên Bình - Tinh Túc. At present, 4 deposits, namely: Ngườm Cháng, Bó Lếch, Nà Rụa, Bản Lũng, and 8 ore occurrences have been recognized, namely: Bó Nình, Nà Mè, Hào Lịch, Boong Quang, Tà Phình, Cao Lù, Lũng Luông and Khuổi Tòng. During recent years, the Geological Mapping Division of North Việt Nam discovered and preliminarily surveyed 5 new iron ore occurrences. The above iron ore occurrences and deposits are distributed along NW-SE trending deep-seated faults. Magnetite ore in the area is of skarn origin, closely related to carbonate sediments of the Bắc Sơn Formation and mafic, acidic intrusives of the Cao Bằng Complex. Primary iron ore bodies are usually of nest or lens forms with ores of good quality. This is the area of good prospect in primary and erratic ores, needed to be invested for prospecting, exploration and prospect assessment.

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