U-Pb zircon isotopic age of granitoids of the Pu Si Lung and Kim Cương massifs, Trường Sơn Complex, and their tectonic significance

Bùi Minh Tâm, Fucun Chen,
Nguyễn Thị Bích Thủy, Trịnh Xuân Hòa

Taken from biotite granite of the Pu Si Lung (MV.0708) and Kim Cương (MV.1106) massifs of the Trường Sơn Complex, rock samples have been selected for radioactive isotope dating. The values of TIMS U-Pb isotopic age of granite of the Pu Si Lung Massif are 278±3 and 260±10 Ma, while of the Kim Cương massif are 260±10 Ma. Thus, the age of formation (crystallization) of the Trường Sơn Granitoid Complex is about 260±10 Ma corresponding to the Late Permian - Early Triassic (P3-T1) time.

The Trường Sơn Granitoid Complex of continental crust origin (S-granite type) was formed in the syn-collision geodynamic environment related to the consolidation process between the Indochina Geoblock and Sino-Vietnamese (South China) composite terrane during Permian-Triassic that was marked by the Indosinian orogenic event.


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