Characteristics of primary gold ores in the Mẫu Sơn Structure, Lạng Sơn Province

Bùi Đăng Thống, Trần Quang Phương,
Bùi Chí Tiến, Phạm Đình Trưởng

According to the geological mapping and mineral survey at 1/50,000 scale of the Lạng Sơn map sheet group, primary gold ores were found in the Mẫu Sơn Structure, Lạng Sơn Province. Gold ores in this area belong to the types of gold-sulphide-quartz, gold-quartz and gold-bearing gossan. The gold-sulphide-quartz type is of greatest value. Primary gold occurrences are distributed concentratedly in the Nà Khuất and Mẫu Sơn Formations. Among 15 newly discovered gold occurrences, there are 2 of high prospect.

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