Characteristics of lead-zinc mineralization in Mesozoic volcano-sedimentary formations in East Bắc Bộ

Đào Thái Bắc

 East Bắc Bộ is a region obtaining many polymetallic lead-zinc deposits and ore occurrences, mainly distributed in Paleozoic sediments lying in the central part of the region. However, there is a small quantity of them distributed in Mesozoic volcano-sedimentary formations lying in the eastern margin of the region. The most part of these Mesozoic mineralizations were discovered through the geological mapping work with the very imperfect survey level, therefore the ore-bearing potential of these formations has not been evaluated. Based on the integration of existing materials, this article sets forth characteristics of lead-zinc mineralizations in Mesozoic volcano-sedimentary formations, through this evaluates their metallogenic role. The study results let see that deposits and ore occurrences in this area belong all to the vein-form type and include 2 main ore types:  Pb-Zn ore type in volcano-terrigenous sediments and Pb-Zn-Ba ore type in subcontinental sediments. Mesozoic volcano-sedimentary formations play the role of hosted rocks and their lead-zinc ore-bearing prospect is not large.


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