Study on the scheme and process of establishment of input file from data of 1-D electric sounding for processing by the 2-D method, and some results of application in the determination of saline boundary in groundwater of the Nam Bộ Plain

Bùi Tiến Bình

The development and technological advantages of the field measurement technique, especially the two-dimensional method, for processing data of vertical electrical sounding methods allow us to research on the ability of applying two-dimensional method for the data of the conventional vertical electrical sounding.

Based on the theoretical analysis and iterative algorithms in the two-dimensional processors, the article presents a research method of two-dimensional processing systems from which it sets forth the diagram and process of establishing the input file of one-dimensional data aiming to build the two-dimensional resistivity section models along the chosen line of electrical sounding points.

In the final part of the article some examples are given, illustrating the results of determining saline boundaries in underground aquifers shown on the resistivity section model in the Mekong Delta of South Việt Nam, as well as some prospects of applying the new-built process for exploiting quickly and efficiently the sources of electrical sounding data that is available in different study areas, especially in the Mekong Delta of Việt Nam, where the datum storages of tens thousands of electrical sounding points are available.

Người biên tập: Nguyễn Tuấn Phong.