New arguments on the magmatism in Việt Nam

          Nguyễn Xuân Bao

In the current correlation chart of magmatic events in Việt Nam, there still are many debatable problems, some of which are pointed out with new views that are set forth in this paper.

It is better that we should rearrange the age of some lithodemic units, such as: the Ca Vịnh plagiogranites as well as Xuân Đài metamorphic complex could be Paleoproterozoic (instead of Archean), the Po Sen Complex could be attributed to the Early Paleozoic (instead of Neoproterozoic), … On the other hand, it should consider the significant presence of the intraplate magmatism in the Neoproterozoic, Middle Cambrian and in the interval of Ladinian to Carnian of Triassic, as well as the presence of a rather strong orogenic magmatism in Ordovician time.

A further improvement of the correlation chart of magmatic events is necessary for creating a reliable basis for tectonic and metallogenic studies in Việt Nam.


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