On the occasion of the Thanh Thủy radon mineral water discovery:
Trying to learn on the disease treatment effects of radon mineral water

Võ Công Nghiệp, Cao Thế Dũng, Lê Tứ Hải

In the mineral water classification of Việt Nam up to the end of the XX century, there is still a gap, which concerns Vietnamese hydrogeologists, that is the absence of radon mineral water. That does not mean the geological structure in Việt Nam lacks the premises to form this mineral water type, but the study on this direction is inadequate instead. Interestingly, in 2001, the exploration works given by the Union for Scientific Preserve on Geology Mineral Water, under the Geological Union of Việt Nam (abbreviated as Mineral Water Union) have discovered a radon mineral water source in Thanh Thủy District (Phú Thọ Province). This is a great discovery for mineral water and hydrotherapy scientists. On this occasion, we try to learn on the radon mineral water and scientific significance and the real role of this discovery under the medical geology viewpoint.


Người biên tập:  Cao Duy Giang.