Using the Modflow Software in the assessment of potential exploitation reserves of groundwater in the industrial zone of Hòn La port, Quảng Bình Province

                                                                       Nguyễn Đình Tiến, Nguyễn Văn Canh

On the basis of hydrogeological conditions of the Industrial area of Hòn La Port in Quảng Bình Province, the authors have been using the Modflow Software produced by the Waterloo Hydrogeologic Inc. Company in order to model the permeation process and to assess the potential exploitation reserves of groundwater. The results show that the potential exploitation reserves are Qper = 8,351.56 m3/day, in which the main forming source is the static reserves Qsr = 2,475.89 m3/day, the rainy water permeating from the surface Qp = 872.64 m3/day, infiltration from the Đồng Mười Trên and Đồng Mười Dưới Lakes Qil = 955.92 m3/day. The remaining part is amended from high landform (in the west) Qpl = 4,047.11 m3/day.

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