Water resource of Tây Nguyên area and solution of harvesting rainwater,
surface water to artificial recharge groundwater

Đoàn Văn Cánh, Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thủy, Đào Đình Thuần,
 Đặng Đức Nhận,  Ngô Tuấn Tú, Đặng Đức Long

Tây Nguyên is a large plateau located in the west of South Trung Bộ region. It includes the whole territory of Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Đăk Lăk, Đăk Nông and Lâm Đồng Provinces and has a total area of 54,473.79 km2. The average rainfall in Tây Nguyên is 84.81-93.79 billion m3/year. The river system is composed of Xê Xan, Xrêpôk, Ba and Đồng Nai rivers, obtaining a discharge of about 49 billion m3/year. The rainfall creates a groundwater flow of about 6.61 billion m3/year. However, depending on period of the year the surface flow in Tây Nguyên changes variously and in the dry season, the flow is about one tenth (1/10) of rainy season. As statistical evidence, the surface flow fluctuates according to season. Therefore, in the rainy season there is flood not only in the lower course of rivers, but also in the upper course. On the contrary, in the dry season drought appears everywhere. Aiming to contribute in the elimination of this unreason, the authors of this article proposes some methods to protect groundwater sources from depletion, to transfer surface water in the rainy season to the dry season, such as construction of dam and reservoirs to harvest rainwater, to prevent groundwater discharge and to realize artificial recharge of groundwater in the dry season through boreholes. The report presents also a case study in the Bảo Lộc area.

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