Characteristics of geological structure and mineral resources in the Northwest Lao region based on new data

Trần Văn Bạn, Trịnh Hoài Ánh, Đồng Văn Giáp, Khampha Phommakaysone,
 Nguyễn Văn Nguyên, Nguyễn Khắc Vịnh, Bùi Viết Sáng, Siphandon Vilayhac

On the basis of new materials from geological investigation and mineral survey realized in the Northwest Lao region since the 2000 year to present, especially the collaboration work between the Intergeo Division of the Department of Geology and Minerals of Việt Nam and the Department of Geology of Lao PDR on the “Mineral survey and geological mapping of the North Lao region at 1:200,000 scale”, the characteristics of geological structure and mineral resources of the North Lao in general, and Northwest Lao region in particular, have been clarified. On the geology: 13 stratigraphic units were established, with the age from Carboniferous to Quaternary together with 6 magmatic units characterizing the Northwest Lao region. The discovery of ultramafic rocks in the Pakbeng area (Oudomxai Province) can be used in the tectonic interpretation of the region. On the tectonics: tectonic units of the Northwest Lao region have been established, that conform with the structure of adjacent areas on the territory of China, Myanmar and Thailand, including the Early Mesozoic terrane crust and Mesozoic-Cenozoic intracontinental superimposed depressions. The position of the Nan Uttaradit Suture line that was formerly undetermined on the Northwest Lao territory has been clarified; the Northwest Lao region has been affirmed to belong to the Simao Terrane, and separated from the Indosinian Terrane by the Nan Uttaradit Suture line. On the mineral resources: the following mineral resources have been surveyed and evaluated: precious stones, brown coal, copper, gold and rock salt. The analysis of the relation between the distribution of mineral resources and characteristics of geological structures, magmatism and tectonics let see that the above mineral resources are crucial ones and of good potential, needing to be investigated for clarifying their prospect, aiming to serve the economic development of the region.

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