Devonian sea-transgression on the Đồng Văn limestone highland –
the northernmost area of Việt Nam

Tạ Hòa Phương

The detailed study on Paleozoic sections in the Đồng Văn limestone highland lets see that the Devonian depositional process continuously happened in a transgressive cycle, beginning from Lochkovian (D1l) to Tournaisian (C1t). Many lithologic, structural, facial and paleontological, etc. signs found in Devonian sediments of this area have been proving this. This important feature of Devonian sections in this area has been giving them a great scientific significance.

The most typical Devonian sections of the Đồng Văn area are the Đồng Văn, Lũng Cú - Ma Lé and Mã Pi Lèn ones. In these sections, there are 5 formations, having the age of from Lochkovian (Early Devonian) to the end of Famennian (Late Devonian), namely: Si Ka, Bắc Bun, Mia Lé, Si Phai and Tốc Tát Fms.


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