Raising the quality of processing and quantitative analysis of titanium-zircon ores from coastal placers

Nguyễn Thị Đào, Hoàng Hữu Lăng

The results of placer analysis are used as basis of the assessment of reserves and resources of coastal placers, therefore, the raise of quality of the classification  and analysis of coastal placers is really necessary.

The process of quantitative analysis of minerals in coastal placer samples needs to be carried out in accordance to the basic standards TCCS 01: 2010/DCKS of the Department of Geology and Mineral Resources of Việt Nam that guarantee the demanded quality. During the process of sample classification and analysis, it needs to estimate well the characteristics of composition and granulation of samples and to regulate their initial volume, at the same time, well realize all steps of the analytic process, among them it needs to pay attention to the weighing link and checking up work. This article sets forth some concrete solutions, aiming to raise the quality of sample analysis.


Người biên tập: Phạm Thị Chung.