Characteristics of sericite mineralization in the Sơn Bình area, Vũ Quang
and Hương Sơn District, Hà Tĩnh Province

Hồ Văn Tú

On the territory of the Vũ Quang and Hương Sơn Districts, Hà Tĩnh Province and adjacent areas, some ore occurrences and deposits have been being discovered, related to felsic effusives of the Đồng Trầu Formation, among them the Sơn Bình Deposit is of industrial prospect.

The sericite mineralization was formed during the process of hydrothermal alteration of felsic effusives rich in feldspar (40-50%) with minor phenocrysts (phenocryst – 8-20%; background – 80-92%), belonging to the Member 2 of the Đồng Trầu Formation, distributed along the Rào Nậy deep-seated fault. Bodies of sericite mineralization have the following mineral composition (%): sericite = 35-61; chlorite = 3-7; quartz = 19-60; feldspar = 5-7; pyrophyllite = 3-65. Content (%): K2O = 3,77-4,74; Al2O3 = 17,1-20,23; SiO2 = 68,2-80,24; Fe2O3 = 0,04-0,16; MgO = 0,12-0,96. Their quality answers the demand of additive raw materials for the production of paint, polymer and fine arts.

Người biên tập: Trần Đình Sâm.