Distributive feature of white marble in the west of Nghệ An Province: Orientation
of exploration, exploitation and use

Nguyễn Tiến Thành

The Nghệ An Province has great potential in white marble, distributed mainly in its western part, on the territory of the Quỳ Hợp, Quỳ Châu, Tân Kỳ and Nghĩa Đàn Districts, with the total resources of over 900 millions tons, including 3 types: calcite white marble (CaO ³52%, MgO £0,5%, Wb ³90%); dolomitic white marble (CaO £35%, MgO ³15%, Wb ³75-85%) and calcite-dolomitic white marble (CaO £32-50%, MgO ³1-15%, Wb ³80-95%).

White marble bodies are distributed in the south of the Bù Khạng Uplift Dome, formed by the marbleizing process of the Bắc Sơn Limestone under the impact of activization of the Bù Khạng Anticlinorium and thermal impact of intrusives of the Bản Chiềng, Yê Yên Sun and Sông Mã Complexes.

At present, white marble in Nghệ An is being explored and exploited in 65 occurrences with the total output productivity of over 1.5 million tons/year, but the exploiting areas are scattered, of small scale, easy to cause wastage in minerals and poor influence to the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the survey aiming to assess the potential and quality of marble for planning in details the works of exploration, exploitation, processing and rational use of this mineral resource.


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