Distributive characteristics of kaolin in the A Lưới area, Thừa Thiên Huế Province

Quách Tố Kim

Kaolin is an industrial mineral, known and used long ago by human. At present, in the assembling and developing tendency of the country, it becomes one of mineral raw materials used in many industrial branches, such as pottery, china, fire-brick, mixture materials in the production of paper, paint, fertilizer, caoutchouc, etc.. Kaolin is largely distributed in the country, mainly in the Bắc Bộ, North Trung Bộ, Middle Trung Bộ and Tây Nguyên regions. During the XX Century, due to the low demand of use of mineral raw materials, kaolin was paid low attention. In recent years, this demand becomes more and more high, among them kaolin is one of centres of importance, attracting attention of trades.

Kaolin in the A Lưới area, Thừa Thiên Huế Province, is one of pivotal minerals of the North Trung Bộ region. It is of some origin types. This article presents schematically some geological characteristics, related to the forming process of kaolin bodies, their quality and prospect. For using effectively this resource, we need to have detailed planning of exploration zoning and rational exploitation, aiming to avoid the wasteful exploitation of resources of the country.

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