Distribution features and danger of pollution by POPs compounds in surface sediments in the Tiên Yên Bay area

Đặng Mai, Bùi Quang Hạt, Đào Mạnh Tiến, Đặng Quang Khang

Among POPs compounds, chlorine-rooted pesticide (OCPs) and polychlobihenyl (PCBs) industrial waste are typical in the viewpoint of high toxicity and long-lasting existence in the environment. The investigation results obtained from 64 study points have been clarifying the picture of quantitative distribution of these two compounds in bottom sediments of the Tiên Yên Bay in the horizontal direction and in the depth. Accordingly, the content of OCPs and PCBs compounds in surface layer of the study area are still lower than permitted standards in environment pollution. Nevertheless, in some sample columns the tendency in concentration of OCPs and PCBs compounds in the surface layer has manifested itself clearly. This is the sign of pollution danger caused by these compounds in Tiên Yên Bay sediments.


Người biên tập: Quách Đức Tín.