Potentiality of lithium ores in the La Vi area, Quảng Ngãi Province 
found for the first time in Việt Nam

Phạm Văn Thông, Nguyễn Hướng, Nguyễn Mạnh Hải

In the La Vi area, situated in the northeast of the Ngọc Linh Subzone, have been recently found lithium-bearing pegmatoid veins distributed in high-grade metamorphic rocks of the Paleoproterozoic Kan Nack Complex. These ore manifestations have the origin of granite-pegmatite suffering the hydrothermal alteration: greisenization and albitization in the medium-high thermal conditions, that is possible to be related to granitoids of the Early-Middle Triassic Sa Huỳnh Complex. The main by-product components in the ores are lithium having the Li2O content = 1.25 %, belonging to the medium kind, equivalent to ores of some mines on the world. This is a new mineral resources for the first time assessed in scale and quality in Central Việt Nam, creating the premise for the prospecting of new lithium occurrences on the Kon Tum Uplift Block in the coming time.

Người nhận xét: Trần Tất Thắng.