Estimating the prospect of mineral resourses in Tuy Hòa area by aero-geophysical data on the basis of applying complex of new processing methods

                                                                                       Võ Thanh Quỳnh

The magnetic and gamma-spectrum airbone survey in Việt Nam plays an important role in the solution of many geological objects, especially in exploration and prediction of prospect of mineral resources. But, when carrying the methods of data processing, there are some limits needed to be studied and solved. In this direction, there are some researches having high-value results. For continuance of enhancing the effectiveness of the methods of aero-geophysical data processing, we have been studying and building a complex of new methods in prospecting and prediction of mineral resources, containing some methods in COSCAD and 3 new methods as follows:

1. Method of estimating and classifying groups of anomalies in processing and interpreting aero-gamma spectrum data;

2. Method of frequency rate - indentification.

- Methods of  distance - frequency rate - indentification.

This complex of methods has been applied effectively in analyzing and processing the aero-geophysical data to make clear the prospect of mineral resources in the Tuy Hòa area.

Ngày nhận bài: 14/5/2008

Người nhận xét: Phạm Năng Vũ.