Fission track method applied in the dating of metamorphic rocks
from the Red River Shear zone

Vũ Văn Tích, Nguyễn Thị Duyên An

The Faculty of Geology of HUS, VNU has been invested an instrument project serving the scientific research and education. One of invested instruments is Fission Track Dating System (FTD). This paper introduces the preliminary data gained from this system. Two metamorphic rock samples from the Red River Shear zone have been collected for datation. These samples have been dated in a French laboratory, that were redated in order to check the precise measurement of FTD system in the Faculty of Geology. The apatite separated from these samples have been dated by FTD system. The result shows that the cooling age of two samples is respectively 18 and 22 Ma, equivalent to the closing temparature of apatite (120°C).

Ngày nhận bài: 18/01/2008

Người nhận xét: Nguyễn Khắc Vinh