Using electrical sounding method in hydrogeology to determine the saline groundwater boundary of the Pleistocene aquifer in Phố Nối, Hưng Yên

Hoàng Văn Hoan, Phạm Quý Nhân

The geophysical method application on geology and hydrogeology have been used by scientists long ago. However, the use of professional software and geophysical data to quantitatively calculate hydrogeological parameters have been applied in recent years. Based on vertical electrical sounding measurement by Schlumberger method the interpretation result is combined with the total disolved solid analysis of groundwater. The relationship between resistivity of aquifer and total dissolve solids allow to determine the saline boundary of study aquifer. 

Ngày nhận bài: 15/10/2007

Người biên tập: Đỗ Tiến Hùng