Some investigation results related to radioactive environment at Kon Ra area, in Kon Tum province

Vũ Trọng Tấn, V Mạnh Khương, Trần Hải Nam, Đinh Quốc Tuấn, Nguyễn Văn Lưu, Trần Ngọc Khai, Trần Dun, Phng Thế Lễ, V Thị Hồng Quyn, L Văn Hải

Kon Ra area in Dak To Lung and Dak Ruong Wards, Kon Ray District, Kon Tum Province is identified the widespread potential spot of copper, gold, multi-metals, uranium and high radioactive anomalies. In 2019, Kon Ra areas were investigated in detail and assessmented of current state of radioactive environment at scale 1:5000 in 6.5 square kilometers by the combination methods: geoenvironmental mapping; ground radioation and sample analysis. The results of investigation have shown that 2.5 square kilometers zone was monitored and controlled radioactive region, which will be managed by the local authority in the effective exploitation and utilization of soil resources in order to support the local sustainable economic and social development. This paper introduces results, new assessments of the current state of the natural radiation field, factors that can increase pollutions, release radioactivity and some suggestions of reducing the releases and effects of radioactivity environment in investigation area.

Keywords: radioactivity, geoenvironment, radioactivity environment