Apply the combination of geophysical - geological methods in investigating and discovering
the copper - uran mineralization in Kon R - Đăk Ruồng - Kon Tum

Nguyễn Trường Lưu, Hong Văn Long, Phan Đức Lễ,

Phạm Văn Hng, Nguyễn Thiện Cng, Trần Dun

The paper briefly presents some research results in the field of geophysics for geological mapping, investigation and discovering the copper - uranium mineralization in Kon R area, Kon Tum province. These are also the main results of a closed researching process in processing the geophysical documents and applying the combination of geophysical and geological methods to investigate and evaluate minerals. The main contents include 1) The results of the airborne geophysical document processing, identifying the objects to forecast the mineral prospective area on the measured area (Kon Tum region) for mapping the geological and mineral map at the scale of 1: 50,000, the Kon Plong sheets group; 2) The results of mineral survey and assessment and the new discovery of copper - uranium ore field in Kon R area, Kon Tum province; 3) The results of applying the combination of ground geophysical methods to study the copper - uranium ore fields in Kon R area, Kon Tum province.

Keywords: copper - uran, mineralization, geophysics, Kon R, Kon Rẫy, Kon Tum