Zircon U-Pb isotope age of granit and related mineralization

in the Suối Ngần - Quảng Ngần deposit, Vị Xuyn, H Giang


Trần Mỹ Dũng, La Mai Sơn, Vũ Quang Ln, Nguyễn Trọng Dũng,

Bi Tiến Dũng, Tạ Văn Thắng, Đinh Xun H, Trần Hải Nam, Trương Quang Hải


A series of wolfram (sheelite) deposits on the Sng Chảy structural zone were discovered by the Northern Geological Mapping Division. Study of the characteristics of geology and mineralization, the alteration of the country rocks indicated that the wolfram (sheelite) mineralization in Suối Ngần - Quảng Ngần deposit, within the skarn alteration zones, are the product of metasomatic process between two mica granite and metamorphic carbonate sedimentary rocks of lower part of the Thc B Formation. The emplacement age of the two mica granite, collected at LK.6 in the Suối Ngần - Quảng Ngần deposit, was determined by zircon U-Pb isotope is 420.83.8 Ma. This result suggests that wolfram (sheelite) mineralization in this deposit related to magmatism took place during the Late Silurian - Early Devonian of Sng Chảy complex, which is an important magma premise for searching wolfram (sheelite) in the Sng Chảy structural belt and the Northwest of Vietnam.

Keywords: Sng Chảy complex, two mica granite, skarn, zircon U-Pb isotope.