Phí Trường Thành

Hanoi University of Nature Resources and Environment

Corresponding author:

Abstract: Normally, geological surveys at an outcrop are conducted by measuring fracture orientation and describe the other geological information are recorded in a book. Therefore, the reference as well as the analysis of them is sometimes inconvenient, especially for high slope and angle, the use of this way is also difficult. The analyzing digital photo is developed through the application of photogrammetry and other modules, formed a system for collecting, analyzing and processing data, overcome the difficulties as mentioned above. Specifically, the fracture orientations are directly determined on the digital photo using the photogrammetry method and stored in a database. Then, these data can use for plotting on the graph to analyse the fracture distribution and slope failure… on each slope surface. In addition, the application also allows the creation of slope surface in three dimension space (3D) and their vertical sections. The application of this system has been used in many research projects, assessing the slope stability and in the tunnel in South Korea from 2005 to present.

Keywords: Slope surface, fracture orientation, left photo, right photo, photogrammetry method.


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