Characteristics of tungsten - tin ore of B Me, Thường Xun, Thanh Ha

Nguyễn Phương, Nguyễn Thị Thu Hằng,
Nguyễn Thị Cc, Đỗ Văn Định, Nguyễn Phc T

The B Me area is considered one of the promising areas of tungsten - tin ore in Vietnam, although it has been researched for a long time, but most of the researchs work are focused on research and investigation, evaluation and exploration of the surface corridors of the Đồi Trn and Hồ Tm area, the other areas have not been properly concerned. In order to have a basis for guiding the investigation, assessment and exploration activities in service of efficient and efficient exploitation and use of tungsten-tin minerals, the research and clarification of the characteristics of tungsten- tin in the area is very necessary. The results show that: Under the influence of magmatic activity of Bản Chiềng complex, the Formations of Đồng Trầu is strongly transformed; Notably, the process of quartz - muscovitization, horns developed overlap the greizenization zone. The ore is concentrated in the altered rock, quartz and keratinized alike, where it meets the skarn. Base ore with industrial value distributed mainly in Đồi Trn area, the general rule is the thickness of ore body and the content of WO3 and Sn in the ore bodies decreases as the distances of granite arch are greyzed by Đồi Trn area. Industrial ore bodies are usually stocvovates and have few individual ore bodies. The ores are distributed in areas with different levels of erosion, so the level of ore occurrence in different zones is different; Đồi Trn area was the most erosion and most visible, followed by Ho Tom area and finally Hồ Kn area. The ore composition is quite complex, the content of WO3 in the Đồi Trn and Hồ Kn area is higher than the Hồ Tm area. In contrast, tin is concentrated in the Hồ Kn area, while in the Đồi Tm and Hồ Tm areas the content is very low, not significant independent. In essence, ore in the B Me area is tungsten ore, tin is the only element to go along. The ore was formed in two periods with five mineral forming phases; Phase 2 is the main stage of W-Sn formation, creating industrial ore bodies in the area. The ore is thermal translation source with high - medium temperature, top arch model containing the W-Sn.

Keywords: Tungsten - tin ore, B Me, Thanh Ha.