Shale gas capacity of the Mường Trai and Nậm Mu Formations in the Northwest Vietnam

Trịnh Hải Sơn, Nguyễn Văn Tuấn, Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nhung,
Lưu Văn Thắng, Đặng Mỹ Cung, Đặng Trần Huyên

North-western part of Vietnam is an area containing large volume of black shales, especially in sediments of Mường Trai Formation (T2l mt) and Nậm Mu Formation (T3c nm) which consist of fairly thick beds of black shale. Initial results show that the black shales of the above Formations were formed in marine environment, containing mainly III - type kerogen, the average TOC values are of 0,62% and 0,52%, the average Ro values are of 2,7% and 3,1%, the average Tmax values are of 356,9oC and 411,5oC, respectively. When compared to the criteria for potential gas-containing shales reported by US Geological Survey, it is likely that Mường Trai and Nậm Mu Formations in Vietnam are probably of favorable conditions for shale gas potential. However, further detailed studies are needed to evaluate this source of unconventional energy.

Keywords: Shale gas, black shale, Mường Trai and Nậm Mu Formations, northwestern of Vietnam.