Activity characteristics of Mường La - Bắc Yn - Chợ Bờ fault zone in recent period and their relationship with triggered earthquakes

L Văn Dũng, Văn Đức Tng, Đinh Quốc Văn

Manifestation of active characteristic of Mường La - Bắc Yn - Chợ Bờ fault zone is reflected in the signs of remote sensing, geology, geomorphology, geochemistry and hot -mineral water, especially with magnitude earthquake activity is rather large (4.0 to 5.0) in the past year related to the activity recent of fault zone. Before March, 1989, earthquake activities were recorded desultory along the length of the fault. After the accumulate of water in the Ha Bnh reservoir until April, 1989, triggered earthquakes began occurring and tend to concentrate in around the Ha Bnh dam area. The earthquakes in areas of Nam Phong commune, N Lừa and N Phai villages (the site occurred Tạ Khoa earthquake in 1991 and Bắc Yn earthquakes in 2009) are not the triggered earthquakes. After the accumulation of water in the Sơn La reservoir in May, 2010, triggered earthquakes tend to concentrate occured in 2 narrow belts. The first belt is to arise in the Pi Toong region, where the earthquake occurred in July, 2014. The second belt is to arise in the area around Sơn La dam site and extend to the northwest.


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