Reseach on determination of earthquake arising source
causing tsunami in the
Việt Nam East Sea region

Mai Xuân Bách, Cao Đ́nh Triều


Tsunamis originating from earthquakes is one of natural disaster types and is extremely dire. Areas, that tsunami swept through have suffered enormous losses of human, material wealth, social and economic infrastructure and so their environment. The authors defined faults have earthquake expression activity in the study area including: Manila, Red River, River, North Hoàng Sa, Phú Lâm - Linh cẩu, Thuận Hải - Minh Hải, Baram-Palawan, Ba Tháp, Lôi Châu, Hải Nam, Ốc Tai Voi, Longitude of 117°, East Côn Son, and Kiêu Ngựa; The largest earthquakes occured on arising earthquake zones can be about M = 8.85 on Manila subduction zone. The Manila subduction zone, Red river fault zone, river fault zone, North Paracel fault zone, Phú Lâm - Linh cẩu fault zone, Baram-Palawan fault zone, Lôi Châu fault zone, East Côn Son fault, Oc Tai Voi and Kiêu Ngựa faults are the sources of earthquakes that can cause tsunamis in the Việt Nam East Sea region.