Research on combination methods of modern processing

 and interpretation to determine Pre-Cenozoic basement structure using gravity data

Nguyễn Kim Dũng, Đỗ Đức Thanh, Hoàng Văn Vượng

 In this article, the authors present an application of new techniques for processing and interpretation of gravity data to determine the structures of the Pre-cenozoic I basement such as: 3D inverse problem to determine density distribution, the analytic I signal of gravity gradient tensor method, the Euler deconvolution of the directional analytic signals, and the curvature tensor gravity gradient. Each method was tested on I model and applied on the real data, and the advantageous as well as disadvantageous I aspects were found out from the results. The combination of these results from all the I methods is allowed US to better understand structures of the Pre-cenozoic basement. In I fact, some structural elements and rock density distributions inside the Precenozoic I basement of the Red River sedimentary basin and its surroundings are more clearly 1 refelected on our results in comparison with the previous studies.

Người biên tập: TS. Đinh Văn Toàn.