Characteristics of sedimentary facies and engineering geology of Holocene deposits in the coastal area of Hi An district, Hải Phng City


Vũ Văn Lợi, Don Đnh Lm

Geological investigation has determined 7 facies of Holocene deposits in the coastal area of Hai An district. They are corresponding to 7 engineering geological units, which have close relationship with each other. Soil layers of coastal marsh muddy face and estuary-lagoon muddy face in early-mid Holocene are soft, sometimes they are in medium state. Soil layers of prodelta, deltafront, tidal flat and estuary facies mid-late Holocene age with soft slate. The thickness of sediment lends to increase gradually from the center of the study area to the seaward in the cast and northeast, and decreasing on both sides northwest and southwest. Physico-mechanical properties of the soils of the Holocene formations in the study area show that, they have high compresibility but inconsistency, and very low strength.

Người bin tập: TS. Nguyễn Tiến Hải.